15 Clear Signs He Will Never Marry You

A lot of women in a relationship are bothered with several questions, and some include the signs your boyfriend will show that he will not marry you. What are the signs he will never marry you?

The sole aim of a relationship is to get married; most people don’t just go into a relationship to have fun or end up breaking up.

If your boyfriend is not committed or ready to sacrifice in the relationship, he doesn’t want to marry you. A man that doesn’t see you in the future won’t even include you in his.

It is heartbreaking to be with someone you love just to become a stranger one day; knowing that your boyfriend won’t marry you is unbearable.

Review is essential in a relationship, and you need to take some time to re-evaluate the relationship so that you won’t be wasting your time having high hopes that he will marry you; meanwhile, he will not.

Men can stay for ages without thinking about marriage. Still, it turns out to be difficult for women because when they get older, they become less attractive, and it is always difficult for them to find a husband; that’s why they tend to get bothered when their boyfriend is not saying anything regarding marriage.

Why Won’t He marry Me?

This question is difficult to answer, and it gets more heartbreaking when you try answering them because it makes you feel bitter about yourself or question your self-worth. When you try answering, you will feel you’re unfortunate or not good enough.

It is not easy to find a future-driven man about love as you are, not that your man doesn’t love you or you’re not good enough for marriage; you only need to understand the handwriting in the picture clearly.

You may have seen the future with your boyfriend, you have a lot of plans you wish to strike out with him, you have a lot of things you want to do with him, places you want to go with him but ask yourself this, “those he has the same plans for me?

Or are you the only one going head over hills for him? The feelings will be draining, but you need to retrieve your steps to avoid wasting your time.

Men drift away from early marriage because of the fear of making mistakes, and most of them don’t want to go through the stress of a wedding, yet that’s why they seize to be committed to the woman in their life.

This happens most especially when they have played the role of a husband in his life, you may not be the only one he dated, do you know about his past relationship? Why did it end?

Men sometimes don’t want to marry because they want to enjoy adulthood and are not ready to take up those responsibilities.

Marriage is a different life; that’s why most young people see marriage as bondage; you can’t go clubbing knowing you have a wife at home.

Most men do not want to have marital issues, so it takes them a lot of time before they even plan on marrying; this comes from a broken home, and they want to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

15 Clear Signs He Will Never Marry You

It is just heartbreaking that the person you want to spend the rest of your life with doesn’t see the future with you, the person you love may sometimes not love you the same way you do, the person you want may not want you, you only have to accept things the way it is though it may come the hard way.

You are unsure about your identity in your relationship and don’t know if he will ever marry you; here are signs you should look out for that he will never marry you.

1. He Keeps Avoiding The Marriage Topic

A man that will never marry you will not discuss anything concerning marriage with it; instead, he will keep dodging the topic each time you bring it on when you ask him a question like, “baby, when will you come to see my parent?”

He will cover it up with something else; it simply means that he is not interested in marrying you. He will never walk down the aisle with you.
When he proposes out of pressure

Did your boyfriend propose to you? The proposal is not marriage, so don’t get it wrong; he is offering because you’ve talked to him severally about marriage, and he is only using it to shut you up.

He is proposing to ease the pressure on him; it doesn’t mean he will marry you.

2. He Finds Guilt In Everything You Do

Does he find guilt in everything you do? He will, especially if you have moved with him; you’re no longer valued or respected, foreshadowing that he will never marry you.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that you are staying with him under the same roof; it isn’t right to conclude yet, your place in his life is not sure, and nothing has changed.

You may be performing all the wife’s duties, giving him good sex, but that doesn’t change anything; he will never marry you.

3. He Is Waiting For The Right Time

When talking about the right time, when is the right time? Is it when you start growing grey hair? When are you unable to bear children? Will you keep waiting for the unforeseen right time?

A man that is interested in marrying the woman he loves doesn’t need a suitable time, you ask him when he is visiting your parent, and the only thing he says is, “let’s wait for the right time,” he is not waiting for the right time, he doesn’t want to marry you, He will never marry you.

It is time you get the picture clear.

4. When He Gives Excuses

Whenever you talk to him about marriage, he always gives necessary excuses like, “I’m working on a project; once I’m done, we will talk about it,” he is not on any project; he doesn’t want to talk to you about marriage.

He is using those excuses so you would forget about marriage and doesn’t have unnecessary hope on someone that will never marry you; it’s high time you know your stance in the relationship, so buckle your shoes and take a bow out of the relationship.

5. You Haven’t Met His Family

Isn’t it now appear that he won’t marry you? Or do you still need a seer to tell you when the answer starts you up in the face? You have been in a long extended relationship with him, and he hasn’t introduced you to his parent; and you feel comfortable still staying in the relationship?

Even if you know his parent or siblings, it’s from those tales he tells you in order not to be worried, or have you converse with them over the phone? Closely looking at it, you only talked to them because you’ve mounted pressure on him severally.

6. He Acts Very Distantly

At this point, no one needs to tell you that he will never marry you; you should be able to wake up to reality.

A committed boyfriend won’t want to keep his distance from his girlfriend no matter what. Have you noticed a change in him? Are you forcing him to do things that he had always done effortlessly?

He doesn’t just want you in his life; that’s to show that he won’t marry you. Marriage isn’t something to get involved forcefully or reluctantly; it should be an agreement between two parties out of love.

7. He Downplays Your Relationship In Public

This is also a sign that he will never marry you. Has he ever introduced you by your name in public and not as his girlfriend? You may have asked him why he does it privately.

He sometimes finds it hard to hold your hands in public or goes to big occasions with you.

8. His Plans For The Future Don’t Include You

Have you ever asked your boyfriend about his plans for you or the relationship? Does his reply give you the satisfaction that he will marry you?

Does he talk to you about things he would like to do with you, places he would want to go with you? If not, then you’re wasting your time.

9. He Doesn’t Care About Meeting Your Friends And Family

Has he met your friends or family? Let’s leave friends aside; he may have come in contact with your friends coincidentally or in a time of conflict when your friend stepped in as a third party to resolve the issues.

Let’s focus on your family. Does he know your parent or siblings? Has he made any move to visit them? This clearly shows that he is never going to marry you.

10. You Can’t Be On His Social Media

Your boyfriend is on social media, even if he is not on every social media space, he should be on Facebook or Instagram and hasn’t posted you on any, nor has he tagged you on any related post.

Even if he does post you, it is nothing to feel excited about because you may not know if you’re the only one seeing the post; that means he is hiding you and doesn’t want people to know that he is dating you.

This foreshadows what is likely to occur in subsequent times and indicates that he will never marry you.

11. He Is Indecisive

A man that can’t decide things on his own won’t even plan or thinks of marrying you; for instance, if your boyfriend’s friends determine for him or if he is always acting on the advice of people, that means he can’t stand on his own.

12. He Lives Like He Is Single

Living his life as if he is single is a big turn-off; it shows that he will never marry you. You can tell it by the way he does things, flirting with other women, not going out with you so that people won’t find you with him; it means he will never marry you.

13. You Are Not His Priority

When your boyfriend doesn’t prioritize you or consider you anything, you may be daring yourself in the relationship. You love him wholeheartedly, and you are so committed and hoping to marry you one day, but the question is, “does your man prioritize you?

14. He Says He Is Not Ready

If he isn’t ready now, when will he be ready? It is not about him not being prepared, it is about him not wanting to marry you, maybe he doesn’t want to hurt you, that’s why he can’t tell you, but you have to go to him so you won’t waste your time because he will never marry you.

15. He Is Often Rude

This is where he starts giving you character, being cold to you, and answering you aggressively; at this point, your presence and even your voice irritate you.

He will make you feel as if you are at fault, and you will apologize for what you don’t know about, which will only get more toxic. Yet, still, he won’t marry you.


“He will never marry you,” not to be h. Still, then when you are in a relationship for so long, the aim is to get married and not for fun, but isn’t it evident that your boyfriend is not willing to be with you for a lifetime because he doesn’t catch a glimpse of the future with you, he won’t just marry you.

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