When To Walk Away From Sexless Marriage

Are you having issues with knowing when to walk away from sexless marriage? IS your problem knowing what to do about your marriage? is physical intimacy lacking in your marriage? If this is the case, then this article is for you.

Being in a sexless marriage can be very frustrating and it can negatively affect the man more than it will affect the wife but it doesn’t mean that both couples don’t react to it negatively.

The research discovered that staying without sex for long can lead to certain health challenges like blindness or heart failure, depression anxiety, and so on.

What do you do when you are in a sexless marriage? How do figure it out? How do you fix it? Is it time to walk away? Or should you stay fighting?

Most couples are comfortable in a sexless marriage while some couples are not. If you are in a state where you ask when you should walk away from a sexless marriage?

These are signs that it is time for you to walk away from a sexless marriage.

When To Walk Away From Sexless Marriage – 10 Thing To Note

It is one thing to fight for something you love and another to know when to give up. It is rather better to walk out if you sense a disrespect in your marriage or relationship.

There are a lot of things to note before walking away from a sexless marriage but for the purpose of this article, we will focus on 10 major things to note and they include:

1. Issues Of No Trust

Though to some it is not a reason to walk away from the marriage to others it is a very strong reason for them to walk away from the marriage.

Marriage is not only built on love but it’s founded on trust. Being with a partner you don’t trust is more like staying with a stranger under the same roof.

An effect of a sexless marriage on a couple is the break of trust especially when they don’t talk about it or the underlying cause of the sexless marriage is not related to health.

When couples don’t spend time together or share a measure of intimacy like sex or love making there’s a disconnection between them and the trust they have for each other starts to fade.

In such cases where there is no trust in a sexless marriage, it can be caused by one partner suspecting the other partner of an affair or the doesn’t find the other attractive anymore.

2. Sex Is Not The Only Problem

It’s time to walk away from the marriage when sex is not even close to the number of troubles in the marriage.

A sexless marriage can be caused by certain troubles among the couples or the consistent misunderstanding between the couples.

Consistent troubles and misunderstandings among couples can cause a strain between them leading to a sexless marriage.

Couples should take a break from each other when the troubles cannot be resolved and give each other space-time to reflect on certain things, looking for solutions to make their marriage work.

But in cases where those troubles cannot be fixed then it’s a ticket for you to walk away.

3. There Is No Teamwork

In resolving the matter of a sexless marriage both partners must work together to resolve the issue of the lack of intimacy in the marriage.

In a situation where the other partner is not making efforts or working with you to make the marriage work and resolve the issue of the sexless marriage, leaving all the work to you. It’s time to walk away from the marriage.

A one-sided marriage is not healthy nor is it helpful for a person. It is draining and can lead to a mental breakdown.

Therefore walk away if the other partner does not see any need to work with you on fixing it if can stay in a marriage without intimacy.

4. No Longer Attracted To Each Other

There’s no sex without attraction. When there is no attraction for your partner that can lead to a sexless marriage. Though it can be worked on when all has been said and done but still yet there’s no feeling of attraction for your spouse then you can walk away from a marriage.

No attraction in marriage can lead to a feeling of disgust and you will not want to have anything to do with your spouse.

Nobody will want to have something or want to stay in a relationship with a person they are no longer attracted to.

Then you have the option to walk away from the marriage not only for your good but for the good of your spouse too.

5. Sex With Each Other Is No Longer Affectionate Or Satisfying

Then to be in the marriage and have an affair outside your marriage it is better to walk away from the marriage.

When you no longer enjoy sex with your partner it can lead to a sexless marriage. This sought situation can lead to the partner seeking that closure outside the marriage.

Then to hurt each other in the process of seeking that satisfaction outside the marriage it is better to walk away from the marriage.

This issue of no satisfaction can also be sought out by both spouses agreeing to meet a sex therapist who can help them or guide them through finding that satisfaction during their intimacy.

6. Extramarital Affairs As An Issue

Cheating on your spouse is not a solution nor is it an excuse to solve your craving for sex while married to your partner or in a relationship.

This happens when it’s a one-sided problem and not from both.

7. Manipulation.

It is necessary to walk away from the marriage if you are been manipulated for sex.

When your partner takes advantage of your cravings for sex to control you into doing something for them or in displeasing yourself to please them it is good you walk away for the good of your sanity.

Being in that sort of marriage can be very toxic and unbearable. You should walk away.

8. Efforts To Make The Marriage Work Prove Negative

When you’ve tried all you can to fix the marriage or to bring back the attraction for each other does not work. Then it is good you try taking a break from each. Walk away from the marriage knowing you’ve done your best but nothing has changed.

By doing your best we mean, you and your partner worked together in making it work, met a therapist, faithfully followed the instructions, tried out things together to get attracted to each other, and also prayed. I

If all that did not work then walk away or take a break from each other.

9. The Sex Urge Is Not The Same

In some cases, we find out that most partners have different sex cravings from each other or for better understanding have different levels of libido that is one partner’s libido is higher than the other partner’s libido.

In such a circumstance we find the other who has a low libido being unable to satisfy the other with a high libido. This may lead to affairs and lead a sexless marriage when the other with a low libido starts avoiding the other with a high libido.

You can walk away from a sexless marriage if you can’t satisfy each other and there’s more to it. If the isn’t more to it meeting a sex therapist is advisable.

10. You Have Fallen Out Of Love With Your Partner

When you feel nothing for your partner. In feelings we mean you don’t love them again, you don’t see them the way you did before, and there’s no attraction between you both again.

Lack of love and attraction can lead to a sexless marriage since there’s nothing to prompt the urge for lovemaking between you both.

You then walk away since most people if they stay long in that situation start getting irritated with their partner’s presence.

Then to stay in that situation forever you could walk away or get separated to figure things out.


If one or both of you is reluctant to work on the relationship and your issues (criticism, contempt, lost trust, etc.) go beyond a lack of sex, walk away.

Prioritize regular time spent together to experiment, communicate, and be intimate if you and your partner are still ready to do so. You could also think about couples counseling.

You should take proper precautions before you walk away from a sexless marriage. Make sure you’ve seen a therapist seek help, seek help and you’ve tried walking together with a partner to provide a solution.

In this article, we have pointed out things to know when you want to walk out of a sexless marriage. But if you are interested in knowing more information concerning this article, then you should watch this video.

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