10 Questions To Ask Your Unfaithful Spouse

A lot of people in a relationship are asking what are the questions to ask your unfaithful spouse? What do you do when your spouse cheats? Do you cry, swear or destroy property?

Are you the type who goes online immediately with such announcements and trolls the infidel? If this is your question, then this article is for you. 

10 Questions To Ask Your Unfaithful Spouse

In many respects, infidelity threatens the very basis of marriage. One or both partners in a marriage may experience confusion, loneliness, betrayal, and heartbreak. After an affair, some relationships fall apart, and others persevere and develop into stronger, closer relationships.

Cheating hurts and no one should have a partner cheat on them. But in cases where this happens, you should sit your partner down and ask these questions.

1. Do They Feel That Their Actions Are Justifiable?

It is important to know if your partner has reasons for cheating and probably justifies the action. He or she may make up reasons that to them justifies the actions that they have taken. To determine the continuity of the relationship, this question should be asked. 

Many unfaithful partners will eventually repeat the act if they deem it fit. If they have justifications for the actions, then it is prone to be repeated. 

This question will lead to the knowledge of the causative actions and faults of the parties involved. For instance, it could be due to denial of sex or a momentary fall. 

Although reasons may be provided, there is no suitable or acceptable reason for infidelity. It is a breach of the sacredness of marriage.

The faults may have been yours and in that case, you need to work on yourself.

2. Does Your Spouse Feel Guilty?

If your spouse is not guilty of cheating on you, he or she is a cheat and will never repent of it. Your partner is supposed to show guilt and be remorseful for cheating on you, breaking your trust, and trampling on your importance in his or her life. When this does not happen, it means that you are the only one committed to the relationship. 

This question is meant to incite remorse and prove the genuity of the partner’s justifications. It should show their true intent even after committing the offense.

The choice of words, actions, and gestures should reflect repentance or the opposite of it. It will also reveal how they feel towards you and to what extent they hold you in esteem.

3. Did They Cheat Once Or Repeatedly?

Knowing the extent to which your partner is cheating will show deep your partner is into the affair, giving a glimpse into the possibility of being together or having a separation.

It will also reveal his true intentions, as to if it was just an unlucky occurrence or if he was intent on cheating. If it did not just happen once, he is a cheat and no matter the remorse he shows, he is highly probably thinking about cheating on you again.

The extent to which the partner cheated will reveal if he will want to be committed to the relationship or plans on calling it off.

Also, if your spouse has cheated in the past, during your courtship period, or almost cheated, it is more likely that she or he will cheat again.

4. Ask If They Want To Go To Therapy With You

If they care for you, your partner would love to walk you through the process of healing from the emotional and psychological wounds they have inflicted on you.

This will also show if they wish to improve, change and become a better person. If he declines, it is a clear indication that you do not matter anymore to your spouse. 

Apart from this, you both should seek counseling together. Seeking counseling together will make the healing process go smoothly. It will be easier to reveal the truths and grudges held due to bitterness from cheating. Going to therapy together is a must-do on the list of questions to ask.

5. Demand To Know What Instigated And Motivated The Affair

Let your partner reveal what made her think of cheating and what fueled it. Things happen for a reason and as far as she was not coerced or held at gunpoint to do it, surely there is a reason.

It could have been your actions that pushed them to the wall, promises of monetary payments, or business deals by the other party. It could also be that your partner has given up on your relationship and just wants to cheat as a means of letting you know. Maybe it even resulted from a night when he got drunk.

If the motive is doubtful, then they are likely to repeat their actions over again. Flimsy excuses such as the shape of the person’s body, being forced against his will to cheat, etc. should show that your partner has no excuse. 

6. Inquiry If Your Partner Is Still Interested In The Relationship.

When your partner is genuine about being remorseful, he might still want to continue the relationship so you have to ask.

Surety is important too so that your actions would not be carried out based on assumptions. If you need time to work on yourself, please do. But be sure that your partner does not need you anymore.

Unfaithful partners may turn out to be more transparent and reliable if they want to be. 

This question should be accompanied by time to think out their decisions.

You also need to know if your partner has feelings for the person(s) she cheated on you with or if it was a mere fling. Even without asking, your partner’s actions will tell if they are still interested in your marriage. In the case where he does not indicate interest, it is advisable to move on and ask no questions. Instead, work on yourself and become your perfect source of happiness and love.

7.  Ask If They Contracted Any Disease While Cheating

Your health and well-being should be part of your priority. Of all questions to ask, this is more important. If your partner has contracted an ailment or disease, she will infect you with it too and you will have to suffer for a crime you never committed.

Visit the doctor to have a sure knowledge of the situation. This will help in the early detection of possible harm that would have come to you.

Also, the answer will give you knowledge of the kinds of people your husband stays with.

8. Does Your Spouse’s Partner Know About You?

If your spouse’s partner has knowledge of you and they went ahead to sleep together, then you have no worth in your partner’s life.

This question will trigger emotions such as hate and anger against your partner, so you have to be prepared for it. If your spouse’s partner does not know that you exist, then he surely regrets his actions or is a consistent cheat who lies to women to have his way with them.

9. Inquire If Your Partner Still Feels That You Are Attractive

The compatibility will determine if you both still have a chance at being together. If your partner no longer feels that you are attractive, then it is a better option to end the relationship because there will surely be another incident of cheating.

Although this breeds low self-esteem, to be deemed unattractive by your partner whom you have been faithful, it will clarify issues and give you a better glimpse at the destination of the relationship 

 10. Ask Your Cheating Partner To Show Remorse For Cheating

Apart from knowing if your partner is remorseful about his acts, it is pertinent that the infidel shows remorse.

If the partner is truly repentant, he will endeavor with all his might to show sincere remorse. An unrepentant partner will brush the idea off or act shabbily and lackluster. 

A genuine person will always apologize and try to right the wrongs, he will cut ties with the people he cheated on you with and try to strengthen your bond. He will also reveal all truth and hide nothing.


Cheating is bad and unacceptable, but you can heal from it and still have a blissful marriage with your infidel partner. Cheating partners could change and give the best lifetime experience when they decide to live clean and honestly with their spouses.

These ten questions are a great importance in determining the future of your relationship with an unfaithful spouse.

You may also bring a halt to the relationship, these questions will help ease the process. Your partner’s honesty is important too.

If your partner gives dishonest answers or does not indulge in the process, it is safe to say that they want you to walk away from them. Do not give yourself mental or physical strain by trying to get your partner to respond to you, please quit the marriage.

There are a lot of questions to be asked to an unfaithful spouse but in this article, have listed and analyzed 10 important questions to ask your unfaithful spouse. If you are interested in more information about the questions to ask your unfaithful spouse then you can watch this video below.

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