13 Signs Of A Rebound Relationship After Divorce

A lot of people are curious to know what are the signs of a rebound relationship after divorce. If this is your question, then this is your article. In this article, we will be talking extensively about the signs of a rebound after divorce.

Divorce is not a reason to say no to love and marriage forever. Although as humans, we think that it is better to build a relationship with any one other than the spouse you have been divorced from, but it is still possible for a divorced couple to get back together.

If a rebound friendship is possible, then a separated marriage could be rebound. Different factors influence divorces, in haste a marriage could be dissolved even when the reasons are not tangible. This also serves as a reason why rebound can not be completely ruled out in these marriages, as both partners still have a connection with each other.

13 Signs Of A Rebound Relationship After Divorce

The thoughts of getting back together will not just resurrect by themselves. It must have been thought over repeatedly by the partners and for the one who will make the first move, there will be signs evident to prove. Ranging from frequent calling, caring, and walking in the shadow of the other partner, these signs will be glaring.

A rebound relationship of divorcees could turn out to lastlonger and better than relationships between divorcees and other people. The fact that these people have already experienced marriage and love together can not be ignored. This alone sets the ground for a better relationship because they know better how to handle their flaws and live together.

1. Co-parenting As A Sign

The children can serve as a channel for a rebound between divorced couples. Where the court had given orders for co-parenting, the divorced couples will be seeing more of each other than they should for the sake of their child, children.

This will hinder their healing/moving on process, and thus, an undeniable bond can be created. This way, they can get back together with a cover-up of doing to their kid(s). If a partner is bent on co-parenting this is a big sign of a rebound relationship after divorce.

2. Working Out Differences

The first thing on your mind after reading this will be, “why did they not work on it during a separation or before the divorce was finalized?” It is essential to know that some people take a long time to process the things happening in their lives and even a longer time to work on them.

This may be the case for both couples. It may have taken them up until after the divorce to be able to process their lives without each other. Thus, they both look out for ways to work things out.  Working out their differences and finding a final solution will aid their rebound.

3. Caring For The Divorced Partner

Impulsive acts of care towards a divorced partner can be suspicious and a sign of a rebound. The partner becomes interested in the activities that revolve around the life of his divorced partner, begins to pay attention to their decisions, and wants to help solve their problems. 

This care may not be voiced but is always evident in their actions. It also may be anonymously carried out in their name but will be similar to how they show concern.

4. Asking For Supporting And Supporting Each Other

Receiving voluntary support from a divorced partner without asking for it signifies that the partner wants back into the relationship. It shows that the person still wants to be a part of the other’s life and wants the best for them.

When an ex-partner asks for help or supports constantly, it could be that he or she is seeking attention from you. The ex-partners will always want their partners to be aware of their decisions and seek advice from them.

To show that they still respect and value the opinions and contributions of their ex-partners, they will always implement the suggested decisions given.

5. Seeking Forgiveness From A Partner

When your partner who offended you gruesomely begins to ask for forgiveness and tries to undo their wrong, it would not always mean that they are just sorry and want to set things right. Seeking forgiveness could also mean that they are interested in rebounding. They will go through every possible way to make sure you forgive them, even when they are not sincere about it.

They will rally friends who could help convey the message and apologize, seeking a rebound.

6. Flirting And Making Attempts At Intimacy

Misunderstandings and issues mainly cause divorce but this does not rule out the fact that the partners would love to rebound. When a divorced partner constantly tries to flirt and be intimate whenever he is in the company of the other partner, it does not mean that he is only attracted but wants his partner back in marriage. Flirting is the green light he is using to convey his message across.

Ex-spouses seeking rebound will constantly try to hold hands, brush fingers against them, try to look attractive, and maintain eye contact with their divorced partners.

7. Constantly Seeking The Company Of The Ex-spouse

A divorcee who wants to rebound with his partner will always want to be in the same environment as her. He wants to be seen and noticed by his ex-spouse and will put in extra effort to always be nearby. Most divorced partners seeking rebound take up desperate measures such as living and working close to their ex-spouse’s homes and workplaces. They could use the pretense of child care to invade the home of their exes. 

When you notice this, your ex-spouse could be calling your heart to yield to his too.

8. Keeping In Touch With Close Friends And Family Of The Ex-spouse

Knowing that external bodies can influence important decisions of their ex-partners including calling back the divorce, rebound-seeking divorce partners will always keep in touch with the close friends and families of their ex-partners.

They will always ask after and show concern in their lives. This is usually done with the knowledge that efforts and actions will be related to their ex-partners.

They could go to the extent of asking the friends and family members of their ex-partners to plead on their behalf and relay words of favor too.

9. Calling Often From A Partner

Ex-partners who want to reconcile will always find reasons to call their divorced partners. Most times, the excuses would be flimsy but with the genuine intentions of checking up on the partner and hearing their voice. They always offer time to listen to their complaints and celebrate their achievements.

10. Reminiscing Treasured Memories

They will always remind their partners of the memorable times they have shared. They may even try to remake the memories. This will remind their partners of the past and establish the fact that they want to experience them again.

A partner who is seeking a rebound will always show excitement when reminiscing memories. He will be thrilled and grateful that they once did such things with  you.

11. Working With Love Languages

They will try to re-enact their love languages and make it glaring to their ex-partners. Rebounding divorced partners will always use their partner’s love languages to communicate. In their actions and words, it will be evident. This is done to alert their partners that they have not forgotten about them or replaced them. Love languages strengthen relationships and add sparks to them.

12. Jealousy As A Sign

Rebounding divorced partners will show jealousy whenever their partners are intimate with people. They will not hide their displeasure at the acts and will always try to keep their partners away from these people.

Some even make efforts at making their partners jealous too. They will try to establish their territories around their partners and wade off intruders and potential love interests.

13. Protection From Partner

Apart from showing support, rebounding ex-partners will always protect their partners. They will sacrifice everything and put on every effort to ensure the safety of their ex-partners.

This does not only apply to physical protection. They will ensure that their partner is out of harm’s way. They will put their lives at stake to keep their partners safe. 


When signs of rebound become evident, it is advisable to stand firm on one’s decision and also confront the partners because they will go to lengths to come back into your life. Also, ask questions to be certain of the fact that your partner wants to rebound.

It will be heartbreaking to conclude that there is a rebounding rearing its head because of these signs. Some partners may just care and be protective of the other simply because they have been in a relationship before. They may be doing it for ‘old-times sake’. Be certain and do not act based on pressure or assumptions.

There are a lot of signs of a rebound relationship after divorce and in this article we placed more focus on the 13 top signs of rebound relationship after a divorce.

If you are interested in knowing more information about the signs of a rebound relationship after divorce, then you can watch this video below.


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