3 Things A Man Needs In A Relationship

What are those 3 things a man needs in a relationship? You may have been wondering what men need in a relationship, you’re stuck in your thought because you can’t find the answers, but the reply is so simple.

3 Things A Man Needs In A Relationship

There are a lot of things men need in a relationship but here we are placing our focus on the 3 important things a man needs in a Relationship, and they include:

1. Support

Men need support in a relationship; at times, things get so overwhelming; they tend to fight more battles than women, yet they are expected to be strong; everybody depends on them, like the family, society, and the woman in their life.

The fear of failing can be so devastating all he needs at that moment is a supportive partner and not a woman who is a threat to his mental health or a woman who keeps increasing the fire on his head.

Men seem to last longer with a supportive woman rather than a woman who takes up a fight every minute.

How Can You Be A Supportive Partner?

  • Emotional intelligence

As a partner, you should be able to have emotional intelligence so that you will be able to understand your partner.

You can support your partner by having an emotional understanding, love, and compassion despite your situation, being willing to help your partner, and validating his feelings.

  • Communication skills

Being supportive of your partner also boils down to having communication skills to help you interact healthily with your partner; it will help you how to ask your partner questions and interact whenever things go wrong.

  • Practice Deep Feelings

Having a listening obsession helps in being a supportive partner. At times men want to be heard, they need someone they can express their feeling to without being judged, and they need someone who would listen to them when they can’t hide the pains anymore.

Supporting your partner helps strengthen him and encourages him not to give up.

2. Loyalty

Loyalty is one thing that holds a relationship to last longer, and men believe that loyalty is love and trust is built through loyalty. Men need a loyal partner because it makes them less worried and feels more loved seeing their woman by their side.

The definition of loyalty to men is not only about defending them in public or acting to his commands but also about sticking by his side when the storms come.

Will you be there when all is gone? They are concerned about who will still be there when things get tough.

3. Respect

Respect is one of the things men cherish in a relationship, and a woman is expected to be submissive to her partner irrespective of the situation of things.

Men need someone who will still respect them even when they have nothing.

What Are Those Things That Keep A Man?

Most times, men do not require so many things, and the things that make them happy are simple. Most relationships are always problem-free, while some are complicated, but knowing that your partner loves you or is satisfied with you in the relationship is beautiful.

It is good to know if your man is confident with you in the relationship, you may want the relationship to last, but your partner may not see the future with you; there is every tendency that the relationship will not last.

1. Make Him A Priority

Taking your partner as a priority is also essential to the relationship’s growth; a man will stay if he realizes how much you love him and reciprocate the love.

Most times, what breaks a relationship is one-sided love, wanting the man to take up all the responsibility, such as loving, showing compassion, etc.

Tell your partner how much he means to you, and spend more time with him. Being busy can make partners feel distant from each other because the physical affection isn’t there, which is not healthy in a relationship. When a partner starts feeling disconnected, it will lead to infertility.

2. Don’t Use Sex As A Bartering

In some relationships, the partner uses sex as a form of intimacy and a tool to create a strong bond; withholding sex from your partner because of old resentment or to show off how angry you are may also lead to cheating.

3. Keep An Open Mind

Keeping an open mind also goes down to being yourself and not pretending to please your partner; I know you want your partner to be happy with you and stay, but as time passes, you will get tired.

Be yourself in everything you do and endeavor to speak up whenever you feel dissatisfied; your partner may want you to try new things, be open if you are not okay with it rather than keeping it to yourself or sharing with someone else outside the relationship.

The best person to communicate your feelings with is your partner.

4. Learn To Trust Him

Trust is essential in a relationship as it helps it thrive; when you don’t trust your partner, you are likely to have these feelings of insecurity, bringing more conflict to the relationship.

Lack of trust will only make you suspect your partner every time; for instance, your instinct will keep telling you that he is cheating, or whenever you’re with him, you will feel he is thinking about someone else, or whenever he doesn’t reply fast to your text or doesn’t call back whenever he misses your call, you will feel he is cheating whereas he is innocent.

5. Don’t Talk Behind His Back

Partners are liable to have misunderstandings, which will also help reshape the relationship.

Still, discussing your partner’s habits or attitude with someone else or problems that you have in the relationship with someone else is not a good idea because not all men like a third party in their connection except if your partner is abusing. You can consult a therapist for help or leave the relationship.

6. You Should Support Him

Men often love supportive women, and you can support them by encouraging them in what he does or trying out new things; helping them with advice can solve half of their problems and help them fight depression.

Men often battle with depression alone, but when you have a heartfelt conversation with him at that moment, encouraging him, it will help strengthen him to work harder for a better tomorrow.

7. Loyalty

Loyalty is the most important thing a man needs in a relationship, and men have a lot of things on their shoulders and a battle to fight, so they need a local partner who would stand by them and help them up when he feels he can’t move anymore and not someone that will leave him to fall. Men define loyalty as the support they get.

8. Sexual Attachment

Most men are highly sexually driven, and they tend to have a high craving for sex and also use it to create an intense form of intimacy. In most cases, sex makes a man stay in a relationship if the woman can satisfy him on the bed.

9. Interdependence

Men want women that are independent and not a woman who is solely independent to them, thereby being a liability. They want someone who can care for themselves and stand up for themselves.

10. Clear Communication

Communication is a key holder of every relationship. Clear communication with your partner can help grow the relationship, communicating your feel gs sharing things with your partner.

11. Respect

Respect is what you need as a woman in order for your man to stay. Respecting your partner will make him feel more loved.

How To Respect Your Man

There are so many ways on how to respect a man; here are few;

1. Don’t Play With His Sexuality

Using your body to manipulate a man every time will only make you look like an object in his eyes; every woman has this power to manipulate a guy because guys are easily sexually driven.

Depriving him of sex because he refused to act to your words is also an act of being disrespectful. Avoid using your body against him.

2. Ask For His Opinion

Naturally, everybody wants to be respected, and men are seen as the head men often need more respect in a relationship because they are the head.

Asking for his opinion will make him love and cherish you because you consider him as something. The acknowledgment will make him value you, and also, listening and acting to his words show some level of respect.

3. Avoid Putting Words In His Mouth

Men most times have difficulty communicating their feelings because they are expected to be strong, making it difficult for them. Men are always afraid to express or show their weakest side to people so that they won’t use it against them.

It will take them a little longer before they can come out of their shell. Putting words In his mouth will make him feel less about himself all you need to do is give it some time; this is when you apply patience to it.

4. Encouraging Him

Men hardly find someone who supports them because everybody is looking up to them; that is why they work so hard never to fall; encouraging them means a lot to them, and it makes them feel loved and strengthens them.

In Conclusion

What are the three things men need in a relationship? Men do not demand much in a relationship as women do. Men need support from their partner and clear communication, someone they can talk to and share their feelings with. Men need respect from the woman they love.

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