Couples Who Fight A Lot Are Actually More In Love: 15 Things you Must Know

Couples who fight a lot are actually more in love with each other than couples who do not argue. When talking about fighting, abuse or physical assault is exempted.

When couples argue, they are intimately close to each other, making them safe expressing their feelings through a fight.

In a relationship where partners do not misunderstand or argue, the relationship may not be substantial because they do not express themselves and their dissatisfaction.

They will get tired and forced to say what they have been harboring in their mind; the end may not be good.

Is Argument Good In A Relationship?

Yes, argument is good in a relationship because it determines its growth; it solely depends on the type of fight; physical abuse or infliction of pain is excluded as it is hazardous in a relationship, and arguments that lead to abuse each other are terrible.

The argument is good in a relationship because it creates a depth of intimacy between partners; without a fight, you won’t know how intimately close you and your partner are, whereas argument draws partners closer.

How would you know what your partners want or the kind of behavior that is pleasing to your partner? Through argument, conflict is an eye open in a relationship; when a dispute arises, things reveal.

The argument also increases trust; for partners who do not fight, there won’t be an open up in such a relationship, but fight helps partners to open up when there is an available up; the trust level increases.

Why do most partners avoid fighting? Have you ever asked yourself to keep avoiding every little argument you put up?

The view does not strengthen a relationship or show understanding; how would you know your differences with your partner or dissatisfaction when there is no argument? How would you tell your partner’s differences if there is no form of Argument?

You don’t know if your partner is hiding things from you or if your partner is living a double life; that’s why they try anything possible to avoid fighting so that things may not be revealed.

Couples Who Fight A Lot Are Actually More In Love: 15 Things you Must Know

Partners who do not fight tend to live secretive lives, and when an outburst occurs, they may end in separate ways.

An argument in a relationship makes partners feel better because they express their feelings rather than harboring them; how would you feel if you are dissatisfied about your partner’s behavior but can’t express it?

Or your partner did something wrong, but you can’t correct it. Keeping those feelings will only make it get worse.

The argument also improves your partners’ character because you will know the kind of character that your partner appreciates well, and it sometimes increases patience.

Partners that do not fight may not be genuinely in love with each other because no relationship stays without misunderstanding and argument.

There are a lot of things to know about couples who fight more in a relationship and how it makes love better for them. But we are going to focus on 15 important things you must know. And they Include:

1. When Partners Fight, It Makes Them More Intimate

The fight makes couples closer to each other because they air out. Their dissatisfaction and, at the same time, maintaining the value and respect they still have for each other. It makes them put their differences aside and resolves the issue that may arise.

When partners seize to fight in a relationship, it means that they are denying that aspect of disagreement and denying themselves of reality; how would you know the behavior that your partner is dissatisfied about if there is no form of argument?

2. Not Arguing At All Makes Partners Sometimes Feel Disconnected From Each Other

Most partners avoid fights because they are emotionally weak and don’t want to be hurt, so they keep their feelings. Most partners avoid conflicts because they fear their partner breaking up, not knowing it is detrimental to the relationship.

Keeping those feelings expressed is not encouraging. To be intimately closer to your partner; you need to express yourself, your dissatisfaction, and your thoughts.

3. Partners Express Their Dissatisfaction Through The Fight

They are two types of partners in a relationship, the one that is emotionally weak and afraid of fighting; these set of people tends to hide their feelings because of the fear of getting hurt.

In this case, the partner involved only has to keep the dissatisfaction and feelings to himself.

While the aggressive ones air out their thoughts for you to know how angry or dissatisfied they are.

4. Fight Strengthen The Relationship

Healthy fights help strengthen the bond in a relationship; there are different kinds of conflict.

If the battle brings about physical abuse, the relationship is disastrous. Still, if the argument aims at affecting change or evaluating the relationship, then it is very healthy.

Argument helps partners better their lives because fight reveals the behavior needed in the relationship.

5. Fights Create A Lasting Trust Between Partners

Trust Is the most important in a relationship; without trust, there is no relationship. If partners do not trust each other, there are likely to be feelings of insecurity which is a disadvantage in the relationship.

Partners need to feel comfortable and safe with each other whenever they are together and not have half-minded thoughts.

Argument helps partners to have more trust because it answers questions partners have through the expression of feelings.

Partners who do not fight but have a steady flow of communication frequently feel disconnected, and there is likely to be a lack of trust.

The fight makes partners trust each other more because they express their dissatisfaction and work towards it.

6. The Fight Brings A Moment Of Relief

In a relationship, a fight brings about relief between partners; if the connection is still new, you may not know or understand your partner, but a battle unfolds things about your partner, and you will realize some surprising things about your partner and that’s when you will have a depth knowledge of who your partner is.

You may not know if you are inconveniencing your partner, for instance, by inviting your friends over to your partner’s place whenever you are together; your partner may not like it, and it takes an argument to unfold those things your partner has in mind.

7. It Gives Partners Assurance

The fight gives partners assurance about the relationship because it makes them embrace quarrels without the fear of losing the connection; this happens when they understand each other.

Partners that stay without disputes tend to be ignorant about the status of their relationship; they need to know when things are right or wrong, the strength of the relationship, or how long the relationship is; when conflict arises, it may end up breaking up.

Surviving conflict in a relationship is an assurance that the relationship will last because it has a strong foundation.

8. Fight Allows Partners To Know More About Each Other

Fight unfolds things about your partner; you may not understand your partner or have a piece of knowledge about his identity, it may be because it is a new relationship.

Argument helps reveal things about your partner; you may have noticed a red flag in your partner’s fight, enabling you to talk about it and get answers.

9. Fighting Increases Love Between Partners

Does fighting increase love between partners? Yes, a healthy fight keeps growing love between partners because they have understanding, and their differences can not come between them.

When partners trust each other, the level of love keeps increasing rather than fading. Partners do not feel disconnected from each other; their passion tends to grow because they are sure of the relationship.

10. Fight Allows You To Be Yourself

This is the most crucial part of a fight in a relationship; in most cases, partners tend to act differently from their usual selves to impress their partners, which may be wrong.

Conflict helps partners to be themselves in a relationship.

11. Fighting Shows Your Partner Is Different

Argument helps reveal your partner’s identity; people have differences in a relationship, and partners tend to come from different backgrounds.

As such, they are not expected to think the same or act the same way. Fight helps partners to know each other’s differences and sort them out.

12. The Fight Makes The Partner A Better Person

How does fighting make partners individually better? It makes them better individually by pointing out that fault and to rework on yourself.

13. Fighting Creates Memories

Healthy fight gives room to great memories, sitting down with your partner to reflect on those old fights; for instance, if you had fought with your partner over a piece of cake, it is a different feeling of joy to sit down and reflect on those memories

14. It Makes Partners Embrace Reality

Everybody has an image of how they want their relationship to be; most times, it is caused by an inferiority complex; fights help partners to embrace reality and do away with these images they have in their heads.

15. Fighting Shows How Partners Care

Constantly complaining about something in a relationship does not mean that your partner is not in love with you again; instead, it is a sign that he cares and loves you that’s why he wants an adjustment for the betterment of the relationship.

This makes the partner comfortable. A relationship built on lies will likely not last long because the outburst is always heartbreaking and unbearable when conflict arises. The argument makes partners more comfortable with each other.

In Conclusion

Partners who fight in a relationship are likely to be more in love with each other than partners who do not fight because they express their thoughts and feelings rather than keeping them to avoid resentment.

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