How To Walk Away From A 30 Year Marriage (15 Things To Do)

A lot of people are having issues with how to walk away from a 30-year marriage. If this is your position, then you are reading the right article.

Being in a marriage for 30 years is a remarkable thing that most young couples look forward to attaining. To others, it makes them happy and envious. It feels like you’ve conquered a lot.

How To Walk Away From A 30 Year Marriage -15 Things to do

What happens if that is not the case for you? Walking away from 30 years of marriage is not a straightforward decision.

There will be questions as I have come this far. Why should I just throw all those years away? How do I proceed with it? Where do I start? Who should I talk to about it? What will people say? And the list of questions keeps growing.

Here are 15 steps or things to do:

1. Seek Professional Help

In such a situation, it can be difficult to decide whether to leave a 30-year marriage.

30 years is such a long time and a lot has happened. Therefore, you might be wondering whether to walk out, even though the case or the reason for your choice of walking out may be or might be critical.

For guidance on how to proceed, it is advisable to meet with a couple of therapists or marriage counselors.

Meeting a trained expert or a professional in things regarding marriage and divorce will go a long way in helping you make a decision. This will help you choose a way to start all over after walking out of a 30-year marriage.

2. Talk To Your Spouse About Your Feelings And Needs

Communication is very significant in a marriage or a relationship.

There are various ways of communication. Learn the most effective way to communicate or talk to your partner about your feelings and needs. This will help you understand why you wish to walk away from your marriage after 30 years.

Talk to him or her about the oxides and bad times of marriage.

Know when to talk to them about why you are making that decision. If you walk away from a marriage without talking to them, you might end up regretting the marriage or it may lead to misunderstandings about certain situations.

3. Express Your Feelings Honestly And Openly

Don’t be one-sided about how you feel, be honest about how you feel.

Make or create an atmosphere in which you will be free and bold to be vulnerable and open about the way you feel.

At such a time as this, you must say how you feel about your present situation. It is the reason why you wish to walk away from a 30-year marriage.

If you keep certain things away from the discussion all because you do not want to cause trouble you will only be hurting yourself and your partner.

You both should talk about your feelings honestly. Truthfully, old wounds will be opened. However, with the right therapist to guide and help you through the moment, healing will be given to those wounds.

4. Listen To Your Spouse’s Feelings And Needs

After expressing yourself or talking about your feelings, your hurts, and the reasons why you wish to walk away from your relationship, make sure you give time for your partner to talk about his feelings.

Listen to his reasons. Don’t interrupt him while he is talking. Give him time to express his feelings about the decision you just made.

Avoid using anger or hate that may have accumulated over the years to speak to them. You must have mentioned that when addressing the topic. During this time, allow him or her to talk and listen.

Through this, you will be able to find answers to the reasons certain things happened the way they did.

5. Make Time For Yourself

Be able to create time for yourself and your mental health.

It is important to stay away from anything toxic at this time. Give yourself time to relax and think.

Take time for yourself. Do things that interest you. Find something of interest and learn new things. Travel to places that don’t make you feel anxious.

In summary, give yourself a break from everything.

Put yourself first in this moment.

6. Spend Time With Friends And Family

Spend time with your family and friends while making time for yourself.

Create time to be with the one you love outside of your marriage.

The time you spend with your family during the time of decision-making gives you better ideas about how to spend your life. This is especially true if you walk away from 30 years of marriage.

There’s always energy transferred when you spend time with people who inspire or love you genuinely.

Walking away from a 30-year marriage can be depressing at times. That is why it’s advisable to spend time with your loved ones as it takes you away from depression or self-pity.

7. Take Care Of Yourself Both Physically And Emotionally

Do not neglect yourself after you walk away from a marriage or when you are in the process of walking away from it.

Take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Attend seminars and listen to podcasts that help brighten your day and your mood.

Making the right decision after or during the process of walking away from a marriage that has lasted 30 years. You need to be physically fit and emotionally strong to face whatever feelings and situations will occur as a result of executing that plan.

8. Set Boundaries With Your Spouse

After communicating your feelings and talking them out with your partner.

When you’ve listened to them and decided to end the relationship.

The next thing you should do is set boundaries with your partner. That means they are setting things in place that have to end with your partner. Defining certain things to avoid any complications in the future.

If you want to be friends, make sure there are boundaries and limits to what you can do.

9. Seek Support From Others

Don’t say you don’t need the help of anyone or that you can do it all by yourself.

When necessary, seek help from family and friends. The truth is you can’t do it on your own. You need your family’s support and the support of your friends who are willing to help.

On the other hand, you should be careful of who you ask or seek support from.

It may be helpful to join a support group at this point as well. There you’ll be able to meet people with the same experience or people who may have gone through the process of leaving a long-term marriage.

By doing so, you will be able to learn from them, and they will be able and willing to guard you throughout the whole process.

10. Take Time For Yourself To Reflect And Heal

Take some time for yourself to heal. If the marriage you left was toxic or abusive.
Give yourself time to heal from the nasty experience of the past years.

Take up your book and write a fresh and interesting chapter. Accept all the feelings that are coming and separate them from the ones you want to keep.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. You have a life to leave and a time to cherish ahead of you.

11. Be Patient And Understanding

Don’t be harsh on yourself or push yourself too hard to feel up to a space or achieve something just to prove something to your ex.

Be patient and understanding with yourself. Understand your flaws, accept who you are, and work on being a better person by taking one minute at a time.
As long as you believe in yourself and put in the effort, you will get better.

12. Grieve The Loss Of Your Marriage

You can grieve the loss of your marriage.
Walking away from 30 years of marriage is a bold step and 30 years is a long time.

Give yourself time to grieve. Acting strong or not giving a damn when you feel pain or tears. Rather than resolving the problem, it takes you down a path of depression through the pain.

13. Move Forward With Hope And Optimism

Take that bold step. Look at the future with hope and optimism. Look at the future with a sense of optimism and high expectations.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed, confused, and scared that nothing will work or you may fail alone.

Clear that fear from your mind. You can and you will succeed if you tell yourself that you can.

14. Be Willing To Take Risks

Take that risk. Take off on that business trip. Get rid of fear and move forward.

Get a business idea and talk to other people about it. Make a plan and follow it.

15. Be Open To The Possibility Of Starting A Fresh Relationship

After a marriage or relationship that didn’t work, or after walking away from 30 years of marriage, it’s easy to build walls.

In fear of repeating the pain of the past, it’s easy to avoid any kind of relationship.

Be open to developing a relationship. Meet people but still, be cautious about who you meet.

There is someone out there to make you feel loved and have butterflies in your stomach.
This will help you feel relieved and not alone.


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