13 Reasons Why Won’t He Marry Me After 5 Years

A lot of ladies in a relationship are often left broken when relationships don’t work. They end up asking in soliloquy “why won’t he marry me after 5 years?”

If this is your question, then this article is for you. You have been with him for five years, and he hasn’t said anything about marriage, but you are ready, which makes it so apparent that he won’t marry you.

Five years is an extended period; usually, a partner stays approximately 2 to 3 years before getting married, but if you have stayed with him for a long expanded year and he hasn’t talked to you about marriage, there is every tendency that he doesn’t want to marry you.

13 Reasons Why Won’t He Marry Me After 5 Years

Marriage is a lifetime commitment in which the party agrees to live forever in union out of their trust and love for each other.

Most women are future-driven about love and are always ready for marriage, but this turns out differently for me. It may take men a whole lot of time before he decides to get married.

Most men won’t want to marry even after years of relationship because they are not ready yet To avoid making mistakes.

The sole aim of a relationship is marriage; marriage is the essential thing that makes people go into a relationship; sometimes, people end up with partners that are not ready or don’t see the future with them.

Why won’t he marry me after five years? This is the most disturbing question women ask, and this question makes most women question their self-worth.

You are likely to hear something like; he hasn’t discussed marriage with me yet, maybe because I’m not good enough for him. The more you think less about yourself, the more depressed you will get. Below are the reasons why he won’t marry you.

1. Marriage Changes People

People believe that marriage changes everything about your relationship with your partner, and it also changes partners individually because you will abandon what you call a hobby, but it is misinterpreted wrongly; these are thoughts of your boyfriend.

Marriage doesn’t change your relationship with your partner; if intense intimacy exists, it only needs commitment and taking up responsibilities.

2. He Keeps Avoiding Marriage Topics

When your boyfriend starts avoiding marriage topics, it is obvious he won’t marry you; by this stage of the relationship, you and your partner should discuss marriage, visit your parent to perform some rites, or get you engaged.

Still, if he keeps avoiding your questions concerning marriage, then you have to work over it no matter how heartbreaking it is so that you won’t be wasting your time.

3. When He Hasn’t Proposed

A man willing to marry you will propose to you considering the years you have spent with him. Has he proposed to you for a long time but hasn’t said anything since then?

It could be that your boyfriend used the engagement to shut you up so you won’t mount pressure on him again, or you won’t be worried again.

You might have moved down to live with him after the engagement so that you will keep having hope that he will marry you.

Living with him in the same apartment is not an assurance that he is going to marry you; you can leave the relationship because staying won’t make anything better instead, it will only make it get worse.

You may be becoming a wifely duty to him, but if he doesn’t see you in his future or is willing to have you as his wife, then you are wasting your time, sex sometimes doesn’t keep a man, and it destroys the bond at times because he doesn’t see you together with him in future.

No matter how you satisfy him in bed, if his heart is not there, then all you are doing is a waste.

4. When He Keeps Telling You To Wait For The Right Time

In a relationship where partners are in love or see each other in the future, there is nothing like the right time; the right time may be disastrous because you never can tell what will happen next or what he is planning.

Considering the years you have spent with him, it is enough to decide whether or not to marry you, but after spending five years with him and he keeps stressing about waiting for the right time, then he will never marry you.

A man that loves you will go to any length to keep you and not wait for the right time. Have you asked him when he will visit your parent, and he tells you he is waiting for the right time?

That’s clear proof that he is not ready; the fact is that he doesn’t want to tell you the truth so you won’t get hurt or hate him; the proper time he is talking about is not about marrying you; instead, it’s about telling you that he can’t marry you, it’s just to accept things the way it is.

5. You Haven’t Met His Family

You have spent about five years with your partner, and you haven’t met his parent, or he hasn’t talked to you about meeting his parent; this is a massive indicator that he won’t marry you, irrespective of the number of years you have spent with him.

Marriage isn’t about the number of years you have been in a relationship but the readiness to be in a lifetime commitment with the person you love.

Have you asked your boyfriend why he hasn’t invited you to meet his parent? It could be that you are not the one he wants to marry, and he doesn’t like to introduce multiple women to his parent; if a man presents a woman to his parent, that woman is unique.

6. When He Downplays Your Relationship In Public

At this point, he won’t want to be going out with you compared to when the relationship was still new; then it’s time you ask yourself and re-evaluates to know if things are right.

Men are fond of boosting their women, showing them off because they are sometimes shown they will marry them. But when your boyfriend hides you from the public or whenever you go out with him, he refuses to introduce you as his girlfriend, and then it’s time you know you’re not just the one for him.

It is challenging for most women to move on, realizing their boyfriend won’t marry them because they love them wholeheartedly.

7. When Your Boyfriend Acts Distant

No one needs to tell you that you are keeping your hopes high in the wrong person; if your boyfriend starts acting distant from you, he doesn’t show compassion, attention or share things with you as he used to when the relationship was new or was three years older for instance if he had always been the one sharing his feelings, plans, or dreams with you without asking.

He stopped doing it, and if you do not ask, he won’t say anything. It means that he won’t marry you.

8. When His Plans Don’t Include You

Your boyfriend may have told you his plans for the future; it might have included you, but as time goes on, his plans change; it does happen, and humans are unpredictable, so there is likely to be a change In plans.

How long did you ask your boyfriend about his plans? Did it include you?

Having you as part of his plans determines that he will marry you, but if he doesn’t have plans for you in the future, it is clear that he won’t marry you, despite the number of years you have been together.

9. When He Doesn’t Care To Meet Your Parent

Does your boyfriend know your parent? Or make any plans to meet them? After staying with you in the long, expanded years, if he wants to marry you, he will make moves to meet your parent to show he will get married to you sooner or later.

Your parent may press you to bring a man back home, which is very difficult for you; if he refuses and keeps making excuses, he isn’t willing to marry you.

10. When He Doesn’t Have You On His Social Media

A committed man will always flaunt his woman on social media even if he doesn’t post you, but he will tag you in posts that concern marriage, but if he hasn’t done any, then there is a big chance that he won’t marry you despite spending five years with him.

11. When He Is Indecisive

A man who cannot decide on his own is a big turn-off because he won’t be able to determine whether or not to marry you, especially if his parent makes decisions for him.

Most parents choose a wife for their sons. It might be you, but the heartbreaking thing is that you wasted five years with him to realize he won’t marry you.

12. When He Lives His Life As If He Is Single

When your boyfriend lives his life as if he is single, it indicates he won’t marry you. Acting single while he is in a relationship is a clear sign that he doesn’t want you anymore, but the fear of hurting you won’t make him speak out.

Most men act single until you realize it or get tired and leave; they won’t show you attention and care.

13. When He Doesn’t Take You As His Priority

What is in a relationship if your partner doesn’t take you as a priority? At that moment, you are unsure of your identity in the relationship.

When he doesn’t prioritize you, he will keep making excuses, he doesn’t care about your feelings, he gets offended by everything you do, or he picks up an unnecessary argument.

In Conclusion

Why won’t he marry me after five years? 5 years is such an extended period, and it’s obvious he is not going to marry you; most people sometimes do not marry out of love, and most of them marry out of pressure or inferiority complex.

If your boyfriend hasn’t talked to you about marriage or made any move in seeing your parent, not including you in his plans, then it is clear that he won’t marry you.

Men take a lot of time before marrying because they see marriage as an enormous responsibility, and it changes, and most men can’t marry if they don’t see a future with you.


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