15 Clear Signs Your Husband Is Disgusted By You

What are the signs your husband is disgusted by you? This is a question a lot of women in marital homes ask. In this article, we will be discussing and analyzing the possible signs that you husband is disgusted by you. So if this was your question, the you are reading from the right article.

When you entered into marriage, you were fully aware that it would require effort and dedication to maintain a long-term commitment. You recognized that it wouldn’t be smooth sailing all the time, but you had faith in your love for one another and your ability to weather any future challenges.

15 Clear Signs Your Husband Is Disgusted By You

It is completely understandable to feel worried and anxious if you have been asking yourself questions like “Does my husband think I am disgusting?” or “How can I tell if my husband is disgusted by me?”. It is normal to have concerns if you’ve noticed a lack of affection or other behaviors that indicate he may have lost interest in you.

These feelings can be difficult to deal with, but it’s important to remember that seeking support from a trusted friend or licensed professional can help you navigate these complex emotions and find ways to address any underlying issues in your relationship.

There are a lot of signs pointing that your husband is disgusted by you, but in this article, we will focus on 15 clear signs and they include:

1. He Avoids You

It can be really tough when you feel like you are in the same space as your husband, but he seems to actively avoid being around you. Maybe he keeps finding ways to occupy his time and attention with other things or people, and when you finally manage to talk to him, he seems anxious to get away.

It is especially difficult if you used to feel a strong connection with each other, but now it feels like the opposite. It is important to remember that you deserve to feel valued and loved in your relationship, and seeking the help of a trusted friend or professional can provide support and guidance as you navigate these difficult emotions.

2. He Blames You Always

It can be really difficult when you try to talk about issues in your relationship with your husband, but he seems to always blame you for everything. It can feel like he is constantly telling you that you are the one creating problems where there are none.

He might even try to make you doubt your own perspective on the relationship, which can be very confusing and upsetting. It is not uncommon for toxic narcissists to respond in this way, making you feel like you’re the one who’s ruining everything and that he might even leave you if you don’t change.

It is important to remember that your feelings and perspectives are valid, and seeking the help of a trusted friend or professional can provide support and guidance as you navigate these difficult emotions.

3. He Ignores Your Needs

If you are feeling like your needs are being ignored or dismissed by your husband, it can be really tough. Maybe you have tried talking to him about what you need, but he just doesn’t seem to respond or seems to be putting you on the back burner.

It is possible that these could be signs that your husband has lost attraction to you or isn’t investing in your relationship like he used to. It is important to remember that your needs and feelings are valid, and seeking support from a trusted friend or professional can help you navigate these emotions and figure out ways to address any underlying issues in your relationship.

Don’t be afraid to prioritize yourself and your own well-being, even if it means making some tough decisions.

4. Nothing You Do Pleases Him

When you feel like your husband is not very supportive and his behavior towards you is toxic. He doesn’t seem to show any interest in your life and instead of encouraging you, he criticizes you at every opportunity.

This kind of behavior could be an indication that your husband is feeling disgusted or repulsed by you. You should know that this is not your fault and you have not done anything wrong.

5. He Makes Disrespectful Comments About You

It is okay to have differing opinions or disagreement in a marriage, even in a happy one. But if your partner is being rude to you directly and spreading that negativity to others, it is a big problem.

This kind of behavior shows that your partner is not afraid to disrespect you and harm your reputation in the eyes of others.

On the other hand, you might feel hesitant to stand up to your partner in the same way because you’re worried about how they might react. This is a clear sign that he is disgusted by you.

6. He Is No Longer Interested in Intimacy

In the past, he would gaze at you with a dreamy smile and assess you from head to toe. However, now he avoids making eye contact with you and hasn’t inquired about your mood in ages. The last time you attempted to surprise him with new lingerie, he hardly acknowledged it.

Even when he discovers you in bed, he doesn’t show any enthusiasm for getting close to you. It appears that he is more engrossed in other matters or disgusted by you.

7. He is No Longer Affectionate

Being affectionate refers to showing physical or emotional warmth, tenderness, and fondness towards someone. It can involve gestures such as hugging, holding hands, cuddling, kissing, or saying kind and loving words.

Affection is a way of expressing love, care, and appreciation towards someone, and it helps to strengthen bonds between individuals in a relationship.

It is really important to know that everyone has their own unique level of affection they need in a relationship. If you happen to need more affection than your partner, you may end up feeling like they are not very affectionate towards you, when really, it’s just a difference in the way you both show your love.

However, if you’re in a relationship where there is no affection at all, especially if you used to be a couple that was always showing each other love, that could be a red flag.

If your partner never hugs you, holds your hand, gives you a quick kiss on the cheek, or even puts their arm around you, it could be a sign that they are not prioritizing your emotional needs and may be too focused on other things. It is also a big sign that your husband is disgusted by you.

8. He Is Indifferent to Your Absence

You have been away from home for a while, and you are really looking forward to seeing your husband again. But when you walk through the door, he doesn’t seem to react at all. Instead of being greeted warmly, he looks at you with irritation or disgust.

It is a bit of a shock, really. You thought he would be happy to see you, just like you would be if the roles were reversed. But it seems like he’s more interested in being by himself than spending time with you.

It is almost like he sees you as an interruption rather than someone he is happy to have around. If you were looking for a sign then this is one.

9. He Doesn’t Try To Impress You or Get Your Attention

Previously, he would go to great lengths to flatter and impress you, often just to capture your attention. He would make it his priority to ensure that you felt like the center of his universe.

However, currently, he appears uninterested in making any such efforts. There is no attempt to surprise you or bring a smile to your face. He seldom acknowledges or expresses gratitude for your actions, if at all.

This is a sign that he is disgusted by you.

10. He No Longer Values You

It seems like he has lost interest in doing things for you lately. Maybe he’s worried that you won’t like the way he does things or he might have found other things that he enjoys doing more.

Even when he doesn’t say no, he often forgets to do what you’ve asked for. Or sometimes, he starts but gets sidetracked and doesn’t finish the task. It feels like he doesn’t put in much effort to do what you ask him to do. But when someone else asks him to do the same thing, he suddenly becomes super efficient.

11. He Is Okay Being With Friends Than With You

It is a sign if it looks like he’s been choosing to spend time with friends or alone rather than spending time with you lately.

You both have grown apart, and the only things you have in common are your living situation and a few tasks that you share at home. It seems like he values having his own identity as an individual more than strengthening your relationship together.


Couples counseling can be a helpful solution in all the situations mentioned. Additionally, seeking out individual therapy for each person could be even more beneficial.

It is important for everyone to have access to a good therapist. Life can throw us curveballs, and a therapist can help us navigate them and gain a more positive outlook. Therapy can not only improve a marriage but also save lives.

If your partner is not willing to work on the relationship, it may be difficult to move forward. In that case, it’s important to prioritize your own well-being and seek happiness in other areas of life.

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