Antonio Brown Wife

Antonio Brown Wife

Antonio Brown an American footballer has dated a few ladies, including Shameika Brailsford and Chelsie Kyriss. According to rumors, Antonio did have three children with Chelsie Kyriss 

Antonio is a wide receiver for the New England Patriots, the son of Eddie Brown. Eddie is regarded as the best player in the history of the Arena Football League. Furthermore, Antonio played collegiate football for Central Michigan from 2007-2009. He had the college’s record 305 receptions, 3,199 receiving yards, and 22 touchdowns.

The Pittsburgh Steelers poached him in the sixth round of the 2010 NFL draft. Reportedly, the deal was worth $1.28 million. He debuted against the Tennessee Titans in September. The Steelers lost to the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl XLV. Besides, Brown’s first career touchdown reception came against Julian EdelmanNew England Patriots in October 2011.

Brown was listed in the Pro Bowl 2013’s squad as a receiver and a punt receiver. Moreover, he was ranked eighth in the NFL Top 100 Players of 2015. And he came fourth in the same list in 2016 and 2017.

His 2017 contract extension with the Steelers made him the highest-earning wide receiver in NFL.  Later after the 2018 season, Brown was unsatisfied with his role at the Steelers. Accordingly, he was traded to Oakland Raiders in March 2019.

 Jon Gruden was the coach there. However, things did not go well there too. In September 2019, he joined the New England Patriots with a one-year $15 million contract. Brown had to undergo several allegations and personal troubles in late 2019. Consequently, the Patriots released him from the team. After that, Brown once publicized their retirement. But as of now, he wills to play again.

Antonio Brown has been a topic of discussion since last year for his relationship with his 32-years-old girlfriend-turned wife Chelsie Kyriss, a professional fashion designer, customer service representative, internet sensation, a real estate agent and a former teacher.

The former Pittsburgh Steelers man had been in a relationship with Chelsie Kyriss since 2012. They have had an on-and-off relationship ever since. 

Chelsie Kyriss, a mother of five children, has repeatedly accused Brown of cheating. As a result, the couple argued and split up in late 2019. They engaged in some legal disputes.

On February 2, Antonio posted an apology to Instagram, referring to it as the “World’s Biggest Apology.”

Kyriss also accused him of being a careless partner and a bad father. This page focuses on all of Brown’s partnerships and extramarital affairs. Let’s pull back the curtain on his complications!

Early Life, Family, And Education

Kyriss was born in Springboro in, Ohio states. Todd and Lynn Kyriss are the name of her parents. Also, Todd handles the duty of operations at Elite Sportswear, Pennsylvania.

He has been the Executive vice president of the department since 2019. Besides, Kyriss has a brother named Christopher Kyriss. Christopher is married to Beth Kyriss. She is a nail care studio owner.

Similarly, Chelsie was raised with her brother in Springboro. Also, the Kyriss family belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity.

She went to Springboro High School. After that, she joined Sinclair Community College. Soon she graduated from college in 2010.

Likewise, she enrolled at Georgia State University Perimeter College. Accordingly, she has received a Bachelor’s degree.

Career And Profession

Kyriss’s professional career began as any other ordinary individual. She started working as a marketing official when she was in college. Her sales job started as early as 2009. Later, she began to serve as an associate teacher at a daycare center. She taught at Adventures Through Learning.

During her early days, Kyriss always wanted to be a model. However, she never had an active pursuit of a career. But once, she had sought a modeling job at a talent agency called Explore Talent. Accordingly, she submitted her portfolio there. Her dream remained a dream as she received no offers from any of the modeling campaigns.

In 2010, she started working as the assistant manager at a store named Baker’s Footwear Group. It was a real upgrade after serving more than a year in sales.

Moreover, she was issued the role of the store’s manager later. A couple of years later, she served as a customer representative at Wilton Brands Inc. Accordingly, she had the chance to improve her ability to deal with people.

Over the years since then, she started getting recognition in social media. Soon, it took no time for her to establish herself as an Instagram influencer. The light shed on her as she started getting recognition as Antonio Brown’s girl. At the same time, she appeared on different media and public screens. Accordingly, she dragged many fans toward her on social media, mostly Instagram.

Antonio Brown’s Wife Net-Worth

Chelsie Krysis has a net worth of $200,000 as of 2020. Krysis started the profession as an assistant teacher. Then, she was a marketing official until she became the store manager. But according to reports, she stopped working some years after she was in a relationship with Brown.

Likewise, Brown had gifted her a Porsche in January 2019. Similarly, her ex-partner Antonio has a net worth of $25 million.

Besides, he had earned $17 million when they were together in 2019. Also, she owns a Bentley.

Chelsie Kyrisis  Relation with Antonio Brown

According to sources, Kyriss met Brown for the first time when she had just joined Wilton Brands Inc. sometime in 2012. Besides, the couple had the chance to meet each other through a mutual friend. They were attracted to each other on their first meet. Since then, they have been dating each other. Added to that, the couple used to upload photos together on social media.

They have also traveled to many places together, enjoying a good time together on vacations.

Kyriss has five kids altogether. Among them, two are from previous relationship. Kyriss had a husband earlier than meeting Brown. With him, she had two children.

Kellen Green and Brooklyn Green are the children of the relationship. Besides, Antonio and Chelsie have three children together. The first, Antony, was born in 2014. Soon, they welcomed Ali in 2015.

Later, they gave birth to their third child, Apollo, in 2017. On the other side, Antonio also had a couple of children with his former partner, Shameika Brailsford.

Chelsie Kyrisis And Antonio Brown’s Complication In Relationship

The 8-year-long relationship between Antonio and Chelsie encountered hindrances and issues throughout its journey.

Brown allegedly had a relationship with Jena Frumes back in 2017. Jena is an Instagram model. During that period, Kyrisis was pregnant with their third child Apollo on his wa

The alleged infidelity made Chelsie leave Antonio. Accordingly, the couple was separated for a while.

Later, in 2018 Antonio’s relationship with Jena ended after the two broke up. Consequently, they reunited again.


Again, the couple broke up somewhere around the middle of 2019. Also, Antonio was tweeting, “No more white woman, 2020.” This time, Antonio had accused Kyriss of cheating.

However, Chelsie denied the blame straightaway. Besides, she criticized Antonio, calling him a bad Father and an incompetent partner.

Kyriss has posted several allegations against Brown on her social media. She had dragged the attention of the press as she could not keep quiet, seeing all the accusations her ex-partner was throwing at her.

She posted screenshots of his texts online, where the footballer can be seen begging her for a threesome. Before that, he had called the Police on her and alleged that she tried to steal his Bentley.

He also did an Instagram live where his ex can be seen talking with the Police while he is calling her names.

Legal Actions

Moreover, there was news that Brown tried evading Chelsie from his House in Florida. He even took legal action against her by filing the suit in December 2019.

He had said that his “former girlfriend” refused to vacate his property after separation. In contrast, Kyriss filed a lawsuit against Antonio.

She demanded that Brown should bear primary custody and child support for their kids. The mother of five added that he needed mental treatment and counseling.

Later, in February, Antonio apologized to Chelsie through an Instagram post. So they seem to be on good terms as of now.

Possible Patch-up With Antonio Brown

Sometime in March 2020, Antonio shared an Instagram story tagging Chelsie Kyriss. In the video, he said he had just proposed to Chelsie Kyriss.

Accordingly, he was hugging her. Although the woman’s face was not seen, she looked pretty like her.

However, she is yet to flaunt her engagement ring on her social media platforms. But no other evidence is there that proves the couple has reunited.

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